Featured Artist - Sophie Barrott

Sophie is a talented artist with work surrounding mental Illness, dealing with BPD and a mixture of depression and anxiety surrounding it, it’s in everything she does.
She explores a disconnection from her exterior world where sometimes she is a vague vacant passenger experiencing prolonged periods of disassociation- where her own life mirrors that of  disconnected, voyeuristic photography and video works.
Stay tuned to her re-imagining and new work and check out her website in the meantime. 

Featured Artist - Amber
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Three Little Pigs of Corporate Greed 

Three little pigs dive into the concerning world of corporate greed. One pig signifies genetically modified food. Another represents the government’s hand in feeding drugs into the streets and housing projects. The last of the pigs details the overwhelming amount of underpaid individuals as they work themselves into the ground.

The Family Syndrome

Syndrome questions the ramifications of alcoholism. When this occurs as a family disorder, the people exposed to this behavior are likely to repeat it in the same unhealthy manner.

Smokers Pleasure

Since childhood, we all saw the ads in magazines for cigarettes. We grew up with the glamorization of smoking and knew it would make us so cool.